Monday, February 20, 2012

Making friends in New York

Last Friday, I have a lunch with some new friends, and I realized how lucky I’m. In only few months I have a great friends. Is gorgeous have friends who Goes Great Together. Perhaps, Some people in life were just made for Know each Other.
Coming back to Friday, We were having a lunch together, a French girl, Japanese girl and me Brazilian girl. It’s like United Nations. We speak English. We laughs a lot with ours differences. And is like we know each other all ours life. It’s great.
Moving to another country opens up a world of opportunity for new experience and powerful friendships.
For example, my French friend is like me, she talks all the time, she has an opinion for every thing. Our friendship, started in one Charity dinner here in New York. The event is black-tie for men and women can wear long dresses. It was a delightful event. We danced a lot and we share ours visit cards. Our friendship started, when I invited them (My French friend and her Spanish husband ) to spent thanksgiving with us in our home with some another friends from Bolivia and Venezuela.
My Japanese friend I meet in NUY, she’s lovely, very nice and I don’t know why but we liked each other in the first day. And now she is like a sister for me.
My Bolivian Friend we meet in a marriage in Brazil and when I came here we saw each other, and she is great, she know all about shopping in New York, and we are thinking about work together doing some catering here in New York in her association “New York Junior League”. She does the social and I cook.
My American friend is Funny, a very good example for someone who lives in New York. She was born in France, from American Mother and Irish father. She’s catholic, and next month she’ll be marry an Indian Muslin. It’s great!!! She is very nice and she works as a critic gastronomic in NY. 
My Spanish friend, I knew in the first day on NYU presentation. She's charming and in the first day we saw that it will be a good friendship.
How you can see my adventures in New York is very complex is not only about food is  also about friendship.

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