Friday, February 10, 2012

Thursday, February 09
Today was a lovely day. I waked up with good moon. I arrived at English class, the halls all quiet. In the morning we saw a lovely movie and in the afternoon started my history of New York classroom, so amazing and interesting. I met there a nice Korean girl that does Business for musical arts in NYU. She works really hard. She does Language school all mornings and college in the evenings. She has homework from both.  
This afternoon after left class I did a diagnostic with my teacher and she said that I needed to write for improve my English. So here I am. When I was arriving in home I met some old friends in street in upper west and we went to take some coffee. After I went home to do a dinner for my husband, because he arrives from Chicago today and Saturday he’ll travel again to Japan. I did a very simple tasty truffe Boudin (French sausage) with chicken sauce and mashed potatoes. When something very simple is well done is delicious. For dessert we took same French cheese and home made Tarte tatin(sort of apple pie). My husband said that the dinner was delightful. Tomorrow we will go to Daniel for Valentine day, because he’ll be no there in February, fourteen. Tomorrow will be Friday and I will do fat morning( does mean I’ll sleep until late) ! 

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