Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 08, 2012
Today!!! Giants Parade!!! What does mean? Super Bowl!!!  Its something very cultural like Libertadores in Brazil. Here is more important than Oscar!!!  You can imagine the greatest city in the world win. Its like when Paris Saint Germain against Olympic the Marseille. The day whem all the city of New York celebrates. And our Major Bloomberg will give them the keys of New York for congratulate the team on the win.
I was there not because I’m crazy for the Giants, No I was there simply because my English classes are there. I saw every thing by my window, and I can say The confetti rained down from the sky and there is no greater sight that seeing New York City enveloped by toilet paper. The Key’s history traces back to medieval history in Europe, when city visitors actually needed a key to get though walls and gates. But today it’s only symbolic honor and can’t open anything.

The street was crowd and with my classemates Serena and Ayako we went to eat at “Pret a Manger”. After we came back to our afternoon classes and surprise, my teacher wasn’t there because She’s a biggest Giant fan!!! If you love Giants you can look for this coolest teacher her name is Maxine.

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