Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines day,
My husband and I, we have ours Valentines tradition to taste a star Michelin restaurant. This year we commemorate before the date, cause my husband will be in Japan next Thursday. This ritual we do all year since we married even before. So this year, we went to Daniels, a very nice restaurant in Upper west side. A French cuisine inspired in by the New York market. This is the moment every one dreams of, mostly a gourmand person like me. I was wondering and dreaming to go to this restaurant since I came here. So it’s a dream that came true. I’m think I’m starting to love this city. When we arrived we gave our coats, and I was wearing a lovely red dress and my husband didn’t know that in this restaurant they have a dress cod, and his wasn’t wearing a jacket!!!! Bad news!So they gave us one jacket, Uff!, my dinner was saved. There was also a couple after us that also forget the dress cod and gave also another jacket to them. I think for me was a little bit strange, but they are used to face this kind of situation so the have jackets for clients. We have a love round table in the middle of restaurant room. The food was wonderful, tastily perfect cooked. I’m lucky because my husband also asked one delicious wine that was a perfect marriage with our food. As I took as start frog legs with wild porcini mushrooms, confit leek, crisps lollipops, garlic coulis and my husband asked sea scallops with celery mousseline, bottarga and Buddha’s hand lemon vinaigrette. As main course I ate Lamb loin, artichoke barigoule (cooked in acid liquid with vegetable), with beans puree and my husband roasted veal tenderloin with creamy polenta, crisps sweetbreads and mushroom. In the end we finished with a cheese selection and apple pie, chocolate cake with almonds cream. Delicious!! It was so romantic!!! The place is gorgeous. Taste, taste, taste, it’s the best food I ate since I came here. Le service was perfect too. We finished in kitchen because I want to know how we say “Mise en place” in English. Here in USA kitchen they say preparation (Prep) when we want to do all organization, portions, before the service. Visiting the kitchen we knew the Chef Eddy Leroux a lovely person and also we was presented to the top Chef Daniel a friends of my French chef. They gave me a signed menu and invited me to cook with them, before I start to work in the new restaurant. The kitchen brigade always impresses me. It’s like orchestra where the efforts of some cooks can do a wonderful food. It was a delicious celebration. I have a great husband. We are perfect for each other; it’s the true love!!! 


  1. Hi Renata,

    That sounds like a very exciting experience! I'm amazed that you were able to meet Daniel Boulud. He is quite famous here in New York; he's like a celebrity! Do you think you'll take them up on their offer and cook in their kitchen?


  2. It was realy great. I don't know if I can work with them. They asked me to show them how to do a cheese bred(Pao de queijo) a tradicinal dish in Brasil. My challenge will be back there to teache they how to do this dish!!!!!