Wednesday, February 8, 2012

English is like football; you score more with a hard work.

Today I started a new book “Something Borrowed”. My new challenge is try to read one book for week.. This is a promising book.
Morning classes was ok we talked about a very depressive book called Angela. This kind of said history is good for see how luck we are. We did also a fire evacuation. For lunch I went out to lunch with Soleidade and Ayako in “Pain Quotidian” a comfort food restaurant. In the menu we can find, salads, quiches, cereals, soups, etc. I have a very good time and also we practice our English. The afternoon, I had very interesting conversation; we talked about “Cultural shock,” The feelings and experiences we can have in a new country after leaving our home. Even me one person very open-mined can be sensitive to this shock. 

Cultural Shock has phases :

1-   The Honeymoon Phase; this is a fun time. Everything is exciting.You love the differences, meeting new people, tasting new foods.

2-   The honeymoon is over Phase; your start to see the differences.You don’t like people’s attitudes, you have had enough of the food and just want mom’s. 

3-   The negotiation Phase; In this phase you decide to negotiate, and you can regain your sense humour.

4-   The all’s well, or Ok phase; We are comfortable enough to enjoy our new life. 

5-   The Reverse culture shock Phase; When its time to return to home or a new change.

It's very nice theses phases, because we can live this new experience with humor. Sometimes le different doesn’t mean good or bad but simply different.


  1. I like your cultural shock theory. Now I think I'm in the second stage. I really had enough of the fastfood and I miss my mom's. :))

  2. This article was nice? Isn't it. I glad you like it.!!!You need to brave, positive and I'm sure you'll deal very well with your new life in NY.
    xo xo Renata