Friday, February 10, 2012

Today is Friday, a lovely day,no class, 

Firstly, Preparation for my dinner.This phrase is very important in kichten!!

This evening we’ll have a special dinner.UHmmmm Gazpacho home made over a pesto sauce and brunoises tomatoes, pinholes, scallion comfits, mozzarella “burrata” and brunoises red peppers comfits, after risotto with shitake mushroom, chanterelle mushroom and porcini mushroom, for the middle 

Roquefort cheese with goiabada (a Brazilian comfiture) in the end we’ll have Italian “Panacota” a vanilla cream with raspberry fresh and compote.
This morning, I went to Chelsea Market to buy the ingredients I need. I this place and we can find good Italian food, good bread and good fish…. It’s beside Budakan, a nice Chinese restaurant in New York!!! 
When I came back I try to find another place that I thought was near there and I got lost, but I finally I find my way in the end. The problem is always the same I'm a lost girl my brain came without a Gps …Even in New York the easily city in the world … I can lost myself.
In the afternoon I prepared the dinning room table. My cousin Denise will came this evening for dinner; She is lovely and lives here about 20 years now. 


  1. Hi Renata,

    I'm curious about the phrase "make establishment." Do you use this phrase as a chef? What does it mean?

    Also, your dinner sounds delicious! I have always wanted to learn how to make risotto, and I love wild mushrooms. That sounds like a wonderful recipe!


  2. Hi Renata,

    I really admire you writing blog everyday, it cause me really not sure that I should publish my comments on which piece of blogs:-) I like read your blogs!

    I like cooking; I’m the chef of Sunny’s kitchen:-). Could you pls teach me how to make western food, even just Spanish tapas? If so, it would be great:-)