Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Twins……It is impossible not to like my sister Regina. She lives in Sao Paulo with her two daughters Thais and Gabriela, husband Roberto and her dog Zidane. She is incredibly nice. “It’s true” She is the most inspiring person I have ever met. She is a huge part of my life, my every day. She has a gentleness and humanity that’s rare nowadays. 

A charmed life, there is one thing that she does very well being focused in her family, daughters, her husband and me. She's a very successful architect.

Regina is born a few minutes before her fraternal twin sister me, in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1974. Bound by birth but with widely different temperaments we grow together. The daughter’s of Maria Beatris and Francisco Diniz Junqueira were raised with a lot of love and happiness. Sharing a room. Even when an ocean separated us, even when we thought we are two, We are  only one. We complete ourselfs. Twins share special times, happy and sad days, as they are always somehow connected by that miracle of birth.
We are very closed. We are identical twins.. We studied together in the same class, and I can't imagine my life without her. Despite we are very identical. We have different characteristics. I'm more active than her, more sociable and more emotional. I love the fact that I have someone who is always by me and give me a support in all things, whatever I do. We have spent twenty-eighth years together. When she got married I was lost. Our husbands are very closed and friends. They know that we need to talk every day and also when we meet each other they know the'll not exist for one day, because we need to update ours mind. Her daughter are like mine. I’m crazy about them. They are adorable.
Finaly, she is the best wife, the best mom, the best sister and best friend. She is beautiful over and over again. It’s fun being around her. She’s like a child almost, with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

I met my sister during our first days of life in our mom belly. Was love in first time. 


  1. It must be a wonderful feeling to have a twin sister.I and my brother we are not technically but we grew up like one. So maybe I can understand the feeling. :))

    1. Hi Serena,

      It's true!! It's a amazing feeling. I can say every thing to her, and her children is like mine.

  2. I wanted a sister when I was a child. I wish I had a twin sister!! As you know, my husband also has a twin brother. There is a special relationship between them more than other sibling. They resemble each other, but they have different personality. I like listening they are talking. I want to see your sister someday.

    1. Hi Ayako,
      How are you?
      Uahu!!!It's nice to have a brother in law identical to your husband. Why you chose yours and not the other? My nieces when they were babys they were afraid of me. And now they love that her mom has a lovely twin sister like me.
      Have a nice holidays!!