Sunday, March 4, 2012

Something Forgot. My scariest night in New York.

Once, I was in New York inside a taxi and I though I was die. Un Friday, November 2012, I was just moving to New York and I was crossing the city between Upper West and Downtown to do my relocation. I was living in Third Street with Forty Second Street in my husband enterprise apartment. Waiting for the end of our movement we lived there. It's taken a lot of time because we bring all ours stuffs from Paris to New York. For some days I had this routine to go organizing the new apartment during the day, and come back to the other for open the door to my husband. We have only one key. In these days I was not habituated with the New York subways so I done the crossing street by taxi. I choose taxi, first because I was afraid to be lost and secondly lot for convenience. My scariest night begin when I was in the taxi and I saw that I forgot my wallet in Upper West.

This day in special I was so tired, I had a very long journey and when I saw my watch was so late and I thought that perhaps my husband was waiting for me in the another apartment without key and I realize that I forgot my mobile in Third avenue. I closed the apartment and took a taxi as fast as I could to try to arrive and open the door for my husband.
My husband is a very kind person, lovely but he hates my way to forget always my mobile and every thing. He thought that I lived in a very dangerous way.
I took a taxi. I was relieved when I picked one. I was talking naturally with my taxi chauffer, very kind person, how loved Brazil and soccer. We were very near third street when I started to look for in my handbag for my wallet to see if I had enough money for the tip, and nothing. So I try to find my telephone and I also wasn’t there because I forgot in Third Street. I didn’t know how the better way to say my taxi that we need to come back, because I didn’t have enough money.
When I said him that I have a problem and we need to come back because I forget my wallet in Upper West and I was truly sorry. He asked me to call my husband and I said that I forgot also my phone. His face stays serious. He clearly has no interest in my deposition. “Look young lady, I’m habituate to theses story about money and Brazilian are always so cleaver and you don’t have also a mobile phone? Are you from this planet? The way he said it, made my stomach hurt. It isn’t really the stomach pain I have before, it was like nervousness before final exams, I was really afraid.
He was crazy, very upset, and said that Brazilian people were the thieves, and only a lunatic can be out home without phone. I was afraid. Suddenly I realize that probably he will kill me and send my body pieces in Hudson River.
         So we came back for upper west, but in the way he stopped in a junky food store and said me to wait because he was hungry and now was my time to wait. He looked the door. I was afraid, and also afraid that my husband could also go to the another apartment and took my wallet before me. So he came back to taxi with a plastic bag smelling strong, but I was speechless. We arrived in sixty Two west, sixty second, I went to my apartment and when I took the elevator my husband was inside. I was relieved and he said that he had my wallet with him.
         In the end we paid the taxi and took the same chauffer for came back again to Third Avenue. My husband said to me that like always I loved to live in dangerous I was almost relaxed and safe in my husband arms. All this complications is normal for human complexity and for the first time I feel part of this big city and I thought that this evening was the first of many adventures in New York.

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