Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's all about horses.

When I’m not cooking or thinking about food. I have a second hobby which is horse ridding. It is much more than a ride it is a family tradition. 
I love horses. In my family we learn how to ride a horse like every body learns how to ride a bike. We are crazy about horses. My family have a breeding of horses in a small village 4 hours from Sao Paulo. It’ s a very lovely place with beautiful landscape, lots of flowers and trees. We can also see sugar cane fields, soy been and corn. My family plays Polo, very beautiful sport, but only for men. Nowadays women can do Polo also, but when I was young it was a sport for man.

            What I like most is riding with my friends and my family because it’s a very pleasant experience. We can get a new perspective when we ride a horse. When I was younger I did endurance as sport and competition. It’s a very hard competition because you are given only one map with times and kilometres and you need to know very well your horse and find how many kilometres your horse does on step, galloping and trotting.

            Riding a horse is also something very personal.  A horse is very smart and he can really learn a lot if you teach him. Also I think horse is the best friend we can have.
            When we are not in Brazil, my husband and I enjoy to see jumping and dressage competition. Last year We went to Hermes competition in Paris and a very closed brazilien friend Doda win the competition. My twin sister she was for a moment one the best jumping amazon in Sao Paulo.

            Every winter I go to Brazil with my husband to my family farm and we spend a lot of time riding horse. My husband learned also to love horse and ride them. We use horse also to go to another farms and see friends and family. We do once a year a family ride, that every body all ages can enjoy to ride a horse. It’s a magic moment, there are some carriages with water, juice and beers and others with food. In the middle of day we stop to have a barbecue and in the end we have evening party.
            I miss a lot my horses. I’m lucky that my husband loves horses also, so we go once a year to my family farm to enjoy them.

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