Tuesday, March 6, 2012

 Dubai was a disappointment for me.

Dubai was my travel consume dream .My husband used to travel a lot there for work. I was all the time complaining because I wanted to go with him to see this mysterious land. Last winter was very cold in Paris and my husband invited me to go to visit Dubai, the most famous glamour city for tourism in this moment. I was so happy to finally know this place built in the middle of desert a real modern oasis. The Dubai Government is not a monarchy, aristocracy, democracy or communist. It’s a hybrid of a few types that became the kingdom of Sheikhs, whom rules the Emirate. Since 1833, one royal Sheikh family has ruled Dubai. Family Al Maktoum.The climate in Dubai is warm to generalize. In winter the temperatures are better, when It gets real hot and often humid is in summer. It’s common for the temperature to be over 100°F. It’s desert after all! This experience was a disappointment for me. I was expecting a city with a lot of traditions and customs, but I found an occidental city with a lot of traffic, pollution, and no sidewalk.
Firstly, when I arrived there I realized that you are obligate to take a boat, car o taxi to do everything because they don’t have sidewalk. Even in the beaches you need to take a taxi because they are private and they have walls separating them. My dream a modern Oasis built in nowhere, became a deception for me.
Dubai is not very big. There are a lot of people in a small landmass, more cars, more traffic and congestion, more pollution as a result of vehicle emissions and never-ending construction. When you think you are in the middle of nature in desert, fresh air, but it’s not truth. Dubai attracts tourists, expats that move to work. As of Dubai’s infrastructure was not built to handle this people movement. The culture is very diverse. The population are mostly immigrants who are working in Dubai. The biggest immigrant population is from India, leban followed closely by Pakistan and Iran.

A big wave of Europeans and Americans has also flooded Dubai since 2001 mainly for career reasons. Sounds like America don’t it? It’s quite surprising to observe the diversity in Dubai. When I go there I was surprised. It was like New York you can find there all country, languages etc. But there they are not integrating like in New York. The poor are looked down upon and you won’t find the equal treatment and respect that you see here in the USA. That is one thing I absolutely cannot tolerate. My blood boils when I see one human being treating another with such harshness and rude attitude.
I absolutely hate Dubai freeway driving. Not only are people nuts, but the roads were just not set up to handle the massive traffic volumes. This city is empty, cold without personality. What I want to saw is on city artificial, and all the amazing things like culture and customs are lost. For example you can’t walk in the streets or beach. You need a taxi because all are private. I felt like I was in the middle of a railroad with building.
Although I have written about the many negatives about Dubai is that I personally dislike. Dubai is beautiful there is no doubt about that. It’s a charm city with all beautiful architectural building and beaches.  It’s amazing to know that before was a desert, without noting even water, electricity and now we can find every thing we want or desire. In this city in the Middle East offers also an amazing snow setting. How I sad before every thing is possible. Also the food is delicious tastfull. It's funny being around a city like this. The Park Hyatt Hotel were I was being, Its a magic place. It was a pleasant experience this incredible nice Hotel.
I didn’t find all the scenarios that I had imagined. It’s a metropolis like ours, one copy of a occidental a city with the same hotels and restaurant branches. However, I’ve learned that with all the traditions they have, they want to be like the occidentals. It was interesting to see those transformations, but is somewhere I’ll not return to, because it is empty without soul. 


  1. I'm really sorry that Dubai was a disappointment for you. I really want to visit Dubai sometime but after your experience I will rethink. :)

    1. Hi Serena,

      I'm sorry break your dream. For food and some special places Dubai it's nice. The problem that you need to choose one hotel in beach. I stayed in Park Hyatt that wasn't in beach so I was obligate to take taxi to go to the beach or boat. But you must try once. Can be a good experience for you.
      See you soon monday,