Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

           The spring break was a wonderful opportunity to know better New York and all it's great attractions that we can find here. Also the weather helped a lot because it was sunny and warm very attractive to walk and explore this magnificent city. So, I explored some museums. It is better to expand our  knowledge visiting museums and happier than spending time and money in material purchases like clothes and handbags. I love to shop, I’m a normal girl but I prefer doing something more intellectual and cultivate this time. So I spent two days in MOMA, one half day in the museum of New York City, another day in Jewish museum and one evening in MAD (Museum of Art and Design) museum. It was a surprising experience because these hours in these museums provide me one positive and relax experience. Going to the museum is like traveling in the time or stepping it. We always learned a lot with this interaction and also provide us a lot of inspiration.
       I was alone in this big city because my husband was traveling for work. Here in New York I have some friends that we are used to go out to try the New York restaurants. They love food as much as I love it. Also is nice to try a new place with good company. So a couple of friends that knew I was alone this week invited me to go out with them. So I accepted and also I asked if I could bring my friend’s husband with me. Of course I asked my friends permission to ask her husband to go out with me. We went out to an Italian restaurant in upper west. I enjoyed a lot in this dinner. 
        In the end of my spring break my husband came back from his business trip and was so nice. Some Brazilian friends of us were in New York so we booked one table in “Boulud Sud”, a new Mediterranean restaurant. At the end we ate alone because ours friends was stuck in 5th Avenue in the Saint Patrick’s pared. In the end was great because we had a romantic lunch with champagne and also some special dishes because I have a friend of mine who cooks there. She used to work with me in Paris as an intern. It was a pleasure experience and also was great to share this moment with my lovely husband. If you are lucky enough to live in a town like New York where there are plenty of restaurants we need to start having fun with trying new ones. It can be risky to eat at a new restaurant but think of it as a wonderful opportunity to find the pearl rare. If you don't like it, at least you gave it a try.
          In the evening we went out to see a great Japanese documentary “Jiro Dreams of sushi”. It was a great and inspiring movie. Sunday we went to take our brunch in the MAD(Museum of Art and Design) restaurant a interesting spot to be with a wonderful view to the central Park and upper west. The food was good and we have a great time with Jazz live music. Finally my spring break was a nice with cultural moments and some great food experiences.

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