Friday, April 13, 2012

I choose a Chef’s hat, a “toque” (in French), because for being a chef we have a lot of rituals and the hat is one of theses. The chef’s hat is a symbol for all chefs.
Could you think of a chef without a chef’s hat? I think everyone has an opinion about the famous chef's hat, but this is very old tradition. The real legend about the first chef’s hat originated in the empire of King Henry VIII when Henry VIII found a hair in his soup. He ordered to had the cook beheaded, and also ordered the next chef to start wearing a hat. Although chefs have worn special hats, or toques, for centuries, it wasn't until 19th century chef Carême redesigned the tall chef's hat. Carême believed that top chefs needed tall hats to distinguish them from the cooks in their kitchens. Careme was the most important chef in history. He made the French cook be recognized. He was the first chef who put the name in the preparations and recipes. All the terms we use today he wrote. He was the father of modern gastronomy.
          The chef hat isn't for style but sheer practical use. They are for preventing every food eater's nightmare of finding hair in their food, purely and simply.
The modern chef's hat is tall to allow for the circulation of air above the head and also provides an outlet for heat. The hat helps to prevent sweat from dripping down the face. I heard that American chefs don't wear a toque, because they want be different from French chefs. For me is not hygienic.
The standard uniform for a chef includes a chef’s hat, double-breasted jacket, apron, trousers and shoes with steel or plastic toecaps, or clogs. When we put our uniforms we are ready to go into action and work with the food and make delicious meals. It's very important work properly in kitchen so why all our uniforms are white. We change our hats Every Day. They are disposable to ensure cleanliness. Now you guys know the true mystery of the chef's hat!! I hope you enjoy this explanation.


  1. I have filled by planteous information since I read your blog. I hadn't known the legend and the chef, Careme. I really enjoyed your explanation and agree whit the mention that the chef's hat is necessary for sanitary cook. ;)

  2. What an interesting post, Renata! I am curious - how do you choose a toque? Are there different brands? Are there different styles? I also love the photos that you shared. You look very professional!