Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oliver Koletzki & Fran - Echoes

            Hello NYU friends, this music are dedicated to all lovers. I want to share this wonderful treasure with you. Oliver Koletzki first started producing music in the eighties. At aged 13, he started taking guitar and piano lessons. His inspirations were Breakdance and Hip Hop music of the early nineties. Why not listen to this new electronic music. I choose this lyric because it’s not a conventional music and inspires me. A very close friend from France Nicolas Sorel sent this music to me by mail. He is a quite famous DJ, he has a company who does music for stores, and hotels. Also he is playing in Alcazar a nice nightclub a Paris. When I was moving to New York he gave me a precious gift a very nice selection of music with hundred fifty music. It’s a nice selection and I use than to make my dinner ambient nicer. Also it’s the connection between my two worlds, Paris and new York and helps me to be myself. This group is from Berlin, German and I love this city because I went once to Berlin for vacation and I was impressed by the ability to reorganize of this city after the fall of the Berlin Wall. So this music also shows the modernity of this amazing city. This city is also the capital of electronic music. I especially like this music because is about unconditional love. Compared with others love music this music is this simply perfect to late night meditation. Awesome track! Just Perfect!!!! This music makes you dream and transports us to another reality. So it’s an occasion to know this music and travel with this love lyric. He has got brilliant talent, and she has a serious voice !!! THIS IS ART! THE ART OF MUSIC! ENJOY it!!!


  1. Oliver Koletzki & Fran - Echoes lyrics

    It's late at night
    I'm still awake
    Though I'm a scientist (scientist)
    No need to analyze this

    I will remember this for sure
    This very night that changed it all
    You stroked my thigh and made me fall in love again
    Your burning eyes have asked for more
    One secret kiss and I will go
    But then you followed me and placed your heart in my hand
    Your heart in my hand [3x]

    I will remember this for sure
    When we were standing at the bathroom door
    Your face so close to mine before we both nearly gave in
    Allow our hungry hearts to love
    Leave it to powers above
    I was too scared to let it happen and too scared to begin

    Who would have known that this moment would echo in my heart
    Ever since, ever since we almost touched
    We almost loved
    We almost touched
    We almost loved

    Do you remember this at all?
    When you revealed your wounds and scars
    It was the act of your sincerity that melted my heart
    So I embrace whatever there has been
    Inhale the smell of your skin
    And then I realize that this was the beginning of love

  2. Renata I love this song. You should share your music archive with me because we have same taste in music :)