Tuesday, April 24, 2012

     They know me as a verbal incontinence                 person.            
Suddenly, I lost my voice.
  I miss my voice.
  This country is not mine.
                       I cannot express myself.
     The words are not coming.
   They don’t know the real me.
     They don’t know who am I and sometimes I do               not recognize myself.
     America is a place said to be a dreamland,
                              I’m not dreaming,
  I’m lost,
            I’m completely lost, I need to find my way
Where am I? My heart began to beat faster when I need                   to express my self.   
   I think now after this first six months in New York 
I'm starting to find my way
I hope one day I will find my voice again and be
              Confortable in this new life in this big city as I am in my lovely country Brazil.

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